Friends of the Collection

Your contribution to Friends of the Collection provides funds dedicated to the conservation of significant works from the collection. That gift provides fututre generations the educational rewards and personal enjoyment of experiencing these original works of art.

Ways to ContributeConservation Corner

  • Donate at least $50 annually and become a Friend of the Collection. (In acknowledgement of your pledge, your name will be listed on a special board in the museum.)
  • Contribute whatever amount you’d like. Every dollar helps fund continuing efforts to conserve the collection.

Additionally, specific works to be conserved will be selected periodically to appear in a special section of UMMA’s galleries where you can learn about the artwork and its current conservation needs. The current featured artwork is Boston, Acorn Street, in Wartime by Childe Hassam.

70_38_G-ManetAmerican painter Childe Hassam is best-known for his “Flag Series,” initially inspired by the flags hung in New York City for the Preparedness Day Parade in 1916. The flags were meant to raise awareness about the war and encourage the public’s financial support. Hassam’s impressionistic style worked well for the scenes which relied heavily on the near-abstract forms of the flags. Compositions for the series emphasized the flags and the street itself while often obscuring the exact location. Boston, Acorn Street, in Wartime was painted with a great eye for detail and the power of color. The painting is as much about the flag as it is a glimpse into any American neighborhood.


To see and learn more about this artwork , please visit us!

To contribute to Friends of the Collection call 207-581-3300 or simply mail a check to UMMA, 40 Harlow Street, Bangor, Maine 04401. Thank you.